LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police say they've arrested a man who, along with several others, was involved in a scheme to steal from various area liquor stores, then sell the stolen alcohol online.

Mark Sneed, age 35, was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

According to an arrest warrant, he along with several accomplices would enter various retail liquor stores in Louisville, pick up alcohol and leave without paying for it. They would then re-sell the alcohol online.

Police say they received multiple complaints from an area Meijer, as well as the Beverage Warehouse on Bardstown Road and Goldsmith Lane, where Sneed and his accomplices were allegedly recorded on surveillance video.

"They actually reached up and pulled it down and put it in their bags," explained Frey Spinks, manager of Beverage Warehouse, who says he even helped them carry champagne to their car. 

"You know, they distract me, and I think I am helping a customer. And in reality, I'm being duped," Spinks said.

After coming back inside, Spinks thought something was missing, but to be sure, he checked the store surveillance video and got his answer.

"You can clearly see 'em, they were taking stuff from the top shelf and putting it in their bags," Spinks said.

The store has cameras everywhere, and in addition to video, there are images of the suspects that have struck more than once. 

"About six times that we know of," said Det. Debbie Minniear with LMPD's 6th Division.

Det. Minniear said there are several suspects, and they've hit businesses across the city, including a liquor store inside the Meijer on Preston Highway.

"It looks to be four (people)," Minniear said. "Three females and a male."

Minniear says the women left the scene in a pickup truck and hopes someone knows who they are. Beverage Warehouse is offering a little incentive.

"It is $500  for any information ... resulting in a conviction," Spinks said.

They've also put the suspects' pictures in the window. Spinks said one of them has returned since.

"I went out and showed her the picture and she denied it was her and, you know, claimed that it was a twin. And I said, well, your twin has the same handbag you've got."

Police say Sneed was recognized from the various news reports, and a warrant was issued for his arrest on March 28. 

He is now at Louisville Metro Corrections. Sneed is charged with engaging in organized crime.

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