LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Pictures of firefighters rescuing and reviving a dog from a burning home have been very popular on Facebook.

Pictures of firefighters rescuing and reviving a dog from a burning home have been shared more than 1,000 times online.

The pictures show firefighters huddled on the ground, saving a dog after a fire Tuesday in Campbellsville, Kentucky. "I grew up watching my dad go into fires, I watching my dad coming out of fires. but I had never ever, like seen him resuscitate an animal, or bring animals out of a fire." Ashlee Edwards' heart swelled with pride when she saw the photos of firefighters. "I was like, well that's my dad. That's why I see him as my hero." Her dad, Rocky Edwards is pictured to the left giving a dog oxygen.

Photographer Michael West snapped the photos Tuesday afternoon, and have now been shared on facebook more than 1,000 times. Campbellsville Fire Chief Chris Taylor says crews responded around noon Tuesday to heavy smoke and flames. "We sent an attack crew in there to put out the fire. Simultaneously, we sent a search crew in, we knew there were no people still inside the residence, but we knew there were still quite a few pets in there."

Several animals were rescued. One dog, named Richard, was in bad shape. Ashlee Edwards' dad helped save him. The crews had been trained on special equipment just for animals and they used it for the first time. "When they brought the dog out, he was kind of lifeless," said Rocky Edwards. "We just started giving him some resuscitation and oxygen. Kind of got him to regain consciousness, kind of just got him back to life." Seeing the dog perk up was priceless. "It was kind of heartwarming, I guess," said Edwards, "It brought a big smile to my face."

A pet pig and a snake died, and the home is heavily damaged. No cause has been determined.

The photos are capturing hearts, as they picture strong, brave firefighters saving a helpless dog. "Pretty much, this is basically why everyone in the community depends on him and sees him as the hero," said Ashlee Edwards.

As for the heroes, as we know, they are almost always humble. "Well it was a team effort, I have to say that. I don't think of myself being a hero anytime," said Rocky Edwards.

Chief Taylor says the Taylor County ASPCA donated the equipment about a year ago. Crews had trained on it, but never used i until Tuesday.

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