CLARK COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- A battle brewing over property in southern Indiana has spilled onto social media.

Mayor Mike Moore of Jeffersonville wrote a lengthy post on his Facebook page Tuesday, calling some in Clarksville, “BAD NEIGHBORS, BAD POLITICIANS… BAD FOR CLARK COUNTY.”

Moore says his anger stems from the city of Clarksville’s Court Avenue extension project, which includes barricades that he says are blocking traffic and preventing travel in his city.

“We’ve got the town of Clarksville basically impeding business and shutting down a street in Jeffersonville,” Moore told WDRB.

Moore went on to say, “This is Jeffersonville. This isn’t Clarksville. Clarksville has no authority to shut down a public road in the city of Jeffersonville.”

Paul Fetter, the president of the Clarksville Town Council was mentioned by name in Moore’s post.

“I was kind of shocked that the mayor of Jeffersonville would make a personal attack against the town of Clarksville,” said Fetter. “The comments say that we have closed a road. That’s never been a road. We didn’t close any road.”

Fetter says the “road” in question is actually a business parking lot. He says it’s private property that was sold to Clarksville by Cornerstone Group.

Cornerstone confirms their company did sell the property to the city of Clarksville.

According to Fetter, the extension project began last year and is almost complete. He says it’s actually about turning the lot into a road.

“All of the property we’re working on either belongs to the town of Clarksville or Cornerstone properties,” Fetter said.

In his Facebook post, Moore went on to say Fetter had ordered the street be demolished after losing a 5-1 vote to sell 12 acres to Greater Clark on Tenth Street for a bus compound.

“I think there’s some childish games being played here and they need to stop, but unfortunately I need to get an attorney to make that happen,” Moore said.

Moore’s attorney filed an injunction Wednesday, asking a judge to immediately stop work on the project.

“One town can’t buy property in another city,” Moore said. “We’ll let the attorneys and the judge work it out.”

Google Maps lists about two-thirds of the project’s property within Clarksville city limits, while about one-third is in Jeffersonville.


Mike Moore's full Facebook post: "This is how bad neighbors behave. Fresh off losing a 5-1 vote to sell 12 acres to Greater Clark on Tenth Street for a bus compound, Paul Fetter, who is the Town Board President of Clarksville ordered a Jeffersonville street demolished. Clarksville has no legal authority to shut down a Jeffersonville street and Jeff businesses....and yet he did. Coincidentally the new Clarksville Town Board Attorney is none other then Greg Fifer, who represents the Auto Auction and Greater Clark Schools. BAD NEIGHBORS, BAD POLITICIANS...BAD FOR CLARK COUNTY."

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