LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) – Police are warning people who own trailers that their property is an easy target.

Louisville Metro Police Detectives say hundreds of trailers are stolen every year and are often never recovered. That’s because trailers do not have to be registered in Kentucky, making them extremely hard to locate.

Surveillance video from a Louisville business shows not one, but two trailers being stolen on two different occasions.

“I'm mad but I can't do anything,” said co-owner of Empire Tires Ali Hassan.

Hassan has been operating his business off Southside Drive in Louisville for about two and-a-half years.

A couple months after he bought a new trailer, a male suspect with a Toyota Tacoma truck can be seen clipping a chain from it around midnight. Five hours later the suspect comes back, hitches it to his truck and he's gone.

Detective Scott McConnell says it happens more often than people think because trailers do not have to be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

“They're easy to get, they're easy to get rid of,” Det. McConnell said.

LMPD receives many calls on stolen trailers every year.

“Hundreds. Hundreds and hundreds at least,” he said.

Det. McConnell says the first trailer theft at Empire Tires happened in October. The owners purchased a new trailer after the incident and just a couple weeks ago, that one was also stolen. Even though Hassan parked his car in front of the trailer, it still wasn't enough.

“What we see is the suspect vehicle pulls up and actually proceeds to push the vehicle that is in front of the trailer out of the way in an effort to get to the trailer itself,” Det. McConnell said.

The suspects in a Ford F-150 truck come back a few minutes later, hitch the trailer to their truck and take off.

“Suspects will get rid of them on craigslist. They can easily trade them for drugs or we've had very few end up at a pawn shop,” Det. McConnell said.

Hassan said he is out $6,000 for the trailers and damage to his car. He says he will not be buying another one.

“We work hard to make money. And then someone comes and costs you money, that's hard,” Hassan said.

As a safeguard, Det. McConnell says to place obvious markings on your trailer so it's recognizable and also in areas that a criminal wouldn't think to cover up.

Detectives do not believe the two incidents at Empire Tires are related.

If you recognize any of the suspects in the video, you're asked to call 574-LMPD.

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