LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- WDRB News is getting word of severe weather damage in Breckinridge County, Kentucky.

According to the Breckinridge County Sheriff's Office, metal roofing has been blown off of Breckinridge County Middle School in Harned, Kentucky.

"We have a good deal of water damage on the gym floor and same for a classrooms on the other side of the gym," said superintendent Janet Meeks.

Tonia Saettel, chairwoman for Breckinridge County Schools, says she is headed to Harned.

"We have some damage to the middle school," Saettel said. "We did hold our buses until the storm passed. Everything else appears to be OK. They are loading the students now."

One unoccupied trailer was blown onto its roof at the Nancy Butler trailer park. Another trailer was blown off it's blocks but it did not topple over. One person was taken to the hospital with a broken arm.

"Looked like there were winds or something that had come through and knocked this trailer on its roof and another off its side," said Harned Fire assistant Chief Kenny Mattingly. "We had power people and gas people come out to turn it all off."

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