LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After numerous scandals, University of Louisville student leaders are mobilizing. The student body is being polled on how much confidence they have in President James Ramsey's leadership with an online survey.

Earlier this week, a majority of U of L faculty members said they had no confidence in President Ramsey. Now it's the students turn to voice their opinions.

“I really don't have confidence in him anymore,” U of L student Anna Daker said.

“I think it's time for him to go,” U of L student Noah Peak said.

Council Presidents who represent a variety of student bodies have sent out surveys asking students if they would recommend a vote of no confidence in President Ramsey.

“Before having a vote, they wanted to gauge each of their individual student populations,” said Student Senate Speaker Brandon McReynolds.

McReynolds said it was important to hear the unique opinions from a vastly diverse student population before the Student Government Association takes a vote.

From receiving multi-million-dollar compensation packages from the university's nonprofit foundation, to a photo of Ramsey and his staff wearing sombreros and mustaches, and the university implementing a postseason ban in the NCAA Tournament, students we talked to are saying enough is enough.

“It's like ... how many mistakes can you make as a person in charge of an entire university before people are not supportive of you anymore?” Daker asked.

“But then I know other people that believe it's not necessarily his fault. Like he should be given a second chance or something like that,” Peak said.

McReynolds says the vote will help inform the SGA president who sits on U of L's Board of Trustees.

“I think the intent though is for students to be heard on the issue, and by being heard, they feel as if their voice is included in a larger university-wide discussion,” he said.


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