LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police say they've arrested a woman after she trashed a local motel while wielding a needle.

According to an arrest report, the incident took place on Sunday just after 3 p.m. at the Super 8 motel on Preston Highway near the interchange with I-65.

Police say Wendy Johnson, 33, was "causing a disturbance" at the motel. She had thrown a television at the front desk clerks, trashed two rooms, spread baby powder in the stairwell and had been walking up and down the hallway, screaming obscenities at the hotel staff while wielding a needle.

"She started threatening my employees," said Ace Nichani, general manager of the motel. "She went into ... my laundry room and started threatening my housekeepers with a needle, saying she's infected with a couple of things." 

Police say she disturbed several people who had been staying in the rooms, as well as the staff.

As soon as Johnson saw police, she ran into the stairwell, according to the arrest report.

"She trashed the room," Nichani said. "She emptied all her garbage bags in our public restroom. All around through this hallway she had clothes all over the place."  

Police arrested her, but initially couldn't find the needle. Later, after she was transported to the police station, police say they found the needle in the area of her buttocks.

Police say Johnson was trying to hide the needle on her person.

She was arrested and charged with first degree disorderly conduct and tampering with physical evidence.

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