LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police have arrested two people from Alabama, accusing them of trying to scam an elderly woman by posing as police officers.

Brad Adkins keeps an eye out on his 89-year-old cousin who lives right across the street.

"Just a typical 89-year-old woman, just wanting to be helpful," Adkins said.

But last month, an alleged scammer took his cousin's kindness for weakness by using a scheme known as the pigeon drop.

A woman approached her in a Kroger parking lot with a big bag of cash, saying if she withdrew $10,000 from the bank, the money was hers to keep.

She brought the scammer to her home, and then went to the bank.

"She fell for it, and they took the $10,000 as soon as she had it in her hand,” Adkins said. "And there was a cell phone, a checkbook and some cash taken out of the house. I knew they'd be back. It was too easy. I knew they'd be back:"

Adkins' gut feeling may have been spot on. On Monday, he noticed a woman entering his cousin's home.

"When I got up to her, she pulled out a badge and told me she was a detective ... but it was a police badge. I asked her where her car was and asked her to let me see the badge again. She said she was going to call her captain, got on the phone and took off running," he said.

"My neighbor was at my house, and I yelled for him to grab my truck and we jumped in the truck. They didn’t know we were behind them, but we followed them all the way up to Jefferson Mall. I was on the phone with the dispatcher, giving them play by play, how many people was in the car.”

He said two drove away after the other two got out of the car. Adkins was determined to catch them.

"We just started chasing them through Dillard’s, through the mall, through Macy’s, over to the parking lot, over to GFS.  That’s when I caught the woman at GFS, and my partner caught the gentleman at the post office,”  Adkins said.

Police arrested Willard Fenner, 56, and Pamela Price, 38.

They're charged with complicity to second degree burglary and complicity to impersonating an officer.

"It is believed that they may have been involved in the initial crime. It's not proven at this time. We're still in the initial stages of our investigation, but they knew very specific information about this lady, including how much money had been taken from her previously. And they knew her address, and went directly to that house. This group is traveling from Alabama to Louisville and went directly to this woman," said Detective Jeremy Smith with LMPD Crimes Against Seniors.

"The suspects were in possession of two badges. One was a silver security badge and one is gold, which appears to be a police badge. It is not one of our badges, and it's not clear where it came from."

Police say they're looking for more suspects that may have already left the state. If you have any information, you're asked to call LMPD's anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD.

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