LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The 60-second criminal is hitting hard in Jeffersontown, as police are reporting a spike in car break-ins.

"I knew that something was wrong ... someone had been in my car," explained Lori Rogers. "I looked back where my purse was, and it was gone."

"We have had about a 35 percent increase in these types of crimes reported to us from the same time frame in 2015," said Commander Sam Rogers with the Jeffersontown Police Department.

It's happening at grocery stores, gas stations and the movie theater. Rogers was the latest victim, Wednesday as she dropped her child off at daycare.

"My wallet, my cell phone with video of my kids, my insurance cards, my safe deposit box key ... I'm a diabetic and they took my glucose meter to check my blood sugar," Lori said.

Rogers suspects the community's heroin addiction is driving the recent increase. 

"Drug addicts are stealing anything of value that they can then trade or pawn to get cash and feed their addiction."

Police said the best thing you can do is protect yourself. Take your valuable out of your car, lock your doors and if you must leave something, make sure it's hidden under a floor mat or in the trunk.

"I had only been in there four minutes," Rogers said.

She made the costly mistake of leaving her door unlocked, a common narrative from victims. 

"You know, I was only gone a minute, I only did this or I only did that," said Commander Rogers. "But we're talking about a number of seconds that someone can reach in get what they want and get out of there." 

The victim doubts she'll get her belongings back, but she says it's just stuff.

What's really stolen is her since of security. 

"They know where I live, and where I take my kids everyday," she said. "And so it's just kind of creepy, like you're privacy has been invaded."

LMPD also confirms a theft from a car parked at a daycare in Middletown. Authorities said they don't think all these burglaries are connected.

If you have information on a suspect, contact Jeffersontown Police Department at 502-267-0503

Commander Sam Rogers and Lori Rogers are unrelated.

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