LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A five-year-old boy with six months left to live has a dying wish -- and today, Louisville Metro Police made that dream come true.

Time is not on Kristina Taylor's side. Her son Camden has Stage Four brain cancer -- and only has six months left to live.

"Absolute horrible of a feeling to know that one day, you're going to bury your child and that you have limited time," Kristina said.

Wanting to make the most of the short time he has left, Taylor reached out to LMPD to help make her son's last wish come true.

"He has a lot of video games, and they have police cars in them, and he always says, 'I want to get in a real one,'" Taylor said.

Sitting nice and cozy behind the wheel of a police vehicle, it was clear that a kid like Camden deserves a much bigger ride to match his spirit. But police also let him try out a vehicle without wheels: the LMPD River Patrol boat.

"We can't help him medically, but if we can make his day brighter, make him smile, make him laugh, that is better than any medicine could do for someone in his situation," said Russell Miller of LMPD's 7th Division. 

"Every day that I can get a smile on his face is a better moment for me," Taylor said.

"I have kids myself, and a lot of the officers here have kids, and for him to be in his medical plight makes us feel good that we can do something special for some child that we don't even know," Miller said.

Time is not on his mother's side. But she's doing everything in her power to make NOW the best time of Camden's life.

"My biggest inspiration is my son," Taylor said. "As long as he's here and breathing and smiling, that makes my day and that makes me as strong as I can be." 

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