LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- She breaks into your car, steals your identity and then drains your bank account.

Louisville Metro Police believe they have identified the suspect and say the case could be much bigger than just car break-ins.

LMPD detectives said the suspect is also from Kentuckiana and part of a nationwide crime ring.

"Her name is Samantha Proffitt. She's from New Albany, Ind.," said Det. Debbie Minniear with LMPD's 6th Division.

Det. Minniear said Proffitt is already in jail in another state.

"She is now incarcerated up in New Hampshire on a warrant for the same crimes."

Police said Proffitt targeted one family at Des Pres Park earlier this year, but there have been several others.

Det. Minniear said it was $5,000 just on his cases.

"They withdrew $1,000 from our account and forged bad checks and were able to cash those as well at our bank," said Jason Mouser, who was a theft victim.

Mouser talked to us last month and explained how the suspect gained access to his bank account.

"We had parked our van and came back and found that our purse and diaper bag had been stolen from our vehicle."

Police believe Proffitt is also part of a nationwide crime ring known as the "felony lane gang," mainly because they always use the outside lane of the drive through at banks.

 "They go to the outside lane because I guess they think it's harder for the video cameras to see them," Det. Minniear said. "Like I said, they put sunglasses, wigs ... try to change their identity."

Det. Minniear said the "felony lane gang" has worked cities across the country. Police say they get your ID and check book, and then it's on to the nearest bank.

"They hit daycares, supermarkets, gyms and parks -- even if you get out of your car for 30 seconds, they're watching," Det. Minniear said.

It has been a costly mistake for the victims, but this latest information makes it better.

"The victim was very happy that we found out who she was," Det. Minniear said.

Police are doing what's called a direct indictment. That means Proffitt will be brought back to Louisville once she is released in New Hampshire.

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