LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Garth Brooks is performing two of his four Louisville shows Friday at the KFC Yum! Center.

It's the first time he's performed in Louisville in 18 years.

And for those fans that couldn't get tickets to see him back in the 90s, Friday was like a dream come true. 

"I have been singing friends in low places for about a month now so I'm ready," one concert-goer said.

Thousands of fans made their way into the Yum! Center, already thinking of the classic hits they hope to hear.

"I think if they came to hear a singer, they would come to hear somebody else," Brooks said before the first show. "They come here to have fun, and they just need somebody to start the song, and they'll finish it."

Putting on four shows in just two days, the country star says sometimes he can start to lose his voice, but he never gets tired of performing. 

And the double-header shows actually give him and the band a chance to improve. 

"Those are the best learning curves, because all the notes you take, you don't have to wait till the next day," Brooks said. "You go into the band room and say this is what happened, this is what didn't happen. We're gonna fix this and turn it around right there. 

Going on a year-and-half now of his world tour, Brooks says he cannot believe he's broken roughly 30 attendance records.

"I think getting to tour at this level, this late, I think your gratefulness is through the rough."

While concerts have changed since the 90s, he says he just want his fans to have fun and leave a better person. 

"I hope they're kinder to each other when they leave this arena. I hope they love one another more when they leave this arena, because that's the most important thing."

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