LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two teenagers go home with brand new Chevy Camaros.

Peyton Steinau says he entered a social media contest hosted by businessman Tai Lopez.

Lopez has daily giveaways that just require people to like or comment on posts to win prizes.

The teen says after he won his car, he was given the chance to pick a friend to also win a new car. He picked his best friend Devon White to share his prize.

"If we win, I'm going to get the Camaro and we both agreed on it, we both wanted the Camaros. You know if we both had matching Camaros, we could show up places and just roll up in matching Camaros. The first place we have to go is high school. So, we're going to roll up to high school whenever we have a chance here in matching Camaros and it's going to be pretty awesome," White said.

The teenagers found out in March that they had won and were able to drive their cars home on Saturday.

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