LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man who was already in jail for allegedly impersonating a peace officer, and kidnapping and abusing a female victim, is facing even more charges, according to an criminal citation.

Authorities say 46-year-old John C. McLeaney has trying to escape from jail.

According to the citation, a shank -- that is, a type of homemade knife -- was found on McLeaney's mattress in his cell at Louisville Metro Corrections Monday evening. Authorities say they also found an Allen wrench inside his mattress. 

There was also a hole in the wall of his sleeping area, according to the citation. McLeaney allegedly admitted to officers that he created the hole, and that he was planning to escape.

Authorities charged him with attempted escape and promoting contraband. 

It's not the first time he's been in the news.

In November, Jeffersontown Police and LMPD officers arrested McLeaney. They say he was involved in a standoff with authorities, after he impersonated a peace officer and kidnapped and abused a female victim.

McLeaney was arrested at his home in the 8000 block of Columbine Drive, which is near Greenwood Drive in the Pleasure Ridge Park area.

According to Jeffersontown Police, McLeaney impersonated an officer when he turned on emergency lights on a vehicle he was driving and stopped the victim. Police said McLeaney, "was wearing a badge and gun and told the victim she had to come with him." Officials say McLeaney then forced the victim into the back of his vehicle.

The official police report at the time said McLeaney drove to a UPS parking area, where he allegedly zip-tied the victim's hands behind her back. Authorities said McLeaney then drove to a Cricket store, located at 9501 Taylorsville Road. Police said the victim was an employee at the store. Investigators said McLeaney took keys from the victim and used the alarm code to unlawfully enter the business.

Officers were contacted about the break-in and we're told McLeaney quickly became a suspect. 

Authorities said he was arrested for burglarizing at least four Cricket stores in the past and had inside knowledge of the company. 

"This guy was acting as a contract employee, he had come into their store to work on their computers and their alarm systems. That's a dangerous combination," Jeffersontown Police Chief Rick Sanders had said, back in November.  

Sanders said officers were already at McLeaney's home on Columbine Drive when he pulled into his garage.

"The officers tried to get him to come out and he refused to do that. They then had his fiance from the house call him in the garage and say, 'Come on out, the police want to talk to you,'" Sanders explained. 

Police said McLeaney opened the garage door and the victim ran outside. 

She explained what happened and also told investigators she'd been sexually assaulted. 

Authorities said Mcleaney remained in a standoff with police and was arrested that Sunday morning after officers used tear gas. 

"I have reason to believe that this guy had every intention of killing her," Sanders said at the time. 

Officials said McLeaney killed someone in 1987 and pleaded no contest to manslaughter. 

They say he served more than a decade in prison. 

Online records show that earlier last year he was charged in connection to those other Cricket store break-ins but even with a violent criminal history, he had been on pre-trial diversion and out of jail before his November arrest. 

McLeaney faced several charges including kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, wanton endangerment, tampering with physical evidence, terroristic threatening, robbery, impersonating a peace officer, intimidating a witness and sexual abuse, in connection with that case.

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