LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Floyd County serial killer on death row was handed a legal defeat Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier this afternoon the Indiana Supreme Court upheld a lower court's death sentence against William Clyde Gibson. 

Gibson has been convicted of killing three women: Karen Hodella, Stephanie Kirk and family friend Christine Whitis. He was sentenced to death for killing Whitis and Kirk, and 65 years for Hodella's murder. He confessed to killing Kirk. 

The Indiana Supreme Court has already upheld the death penalty in the case of Whitis' murder. Today, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled that the trial court's sentence for the murder of Kirk, "is not inappropriate."

"The record illustrates the gruesome and grotesque nature of Gibson's offense," the ruling states. "He murdered a defenseless woman in a brutal attack."

The ruling goes on to describe the brutal nature of the crime, then notes that -- despite a "few redeeming qualities" in his Gibson's character -- the court cannot overlook Gibson's ambivalence towards the murder.

"Gibson wears his most heinous crimes as a badge of honor," the ruling states. "While on death row, before being tried for Kirk's murder, Gibson surreptitiously had 'Death Row X 3' tattooed in six-by-eight-inch letters on the back of his shaved head...Committing such a horrifying crime -- and then, while awaiting trial, getting a tattoo to glorify it -- does not speak well about Gibson's character."

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