LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB )- -Metro Councilwoman Jessica Green is trying to prevent property at 1200 S. 28th Street from becoming a liquor store. But the owner said he refuses to let it sit vacant any longer.

“It's been sitting like this closed for years,” said Bakhos El-Khoury, who purchased the 24,000 square-foot building more than four years ago. “I've been paying property tax, LG&E water bills. I'm losing money.”

But El-Khoury is ready to make a return on his investment.

“I find out that I can open liquor store, and that's what I'm doing,” he said. “I want to make drive-thru inside the building, you know, clean store, no people sitting outside drinking. It will be like East End. We deserve something like that."

He said it will be one of many businesses in a future strip mall, and the drive-thru liquor store would be the anchor business.

"People like to drink, like to smoke, like to do everything.  We are not doing something illegal.  We doing everything by the book," El-Khoury said.

But Councilwoman Green said she’s in complete opposition of bringing another liquor store into the area.

"There are 18 to 20 liquor stores in a one mile radius of this neighborhood" she said.

Green has spent weeks collecting petitions and letters from residents, which she'll send to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has similar views on the proposed business. 

"There's enough packaged liquor stores in Parkland.  This requested location is by a school, family scholar house, community garden. I don't think it's a good idea," Mayor Fischer said.

It's a huge blow for the businessman who lost a liquor store battle a few years ago.

He opened Bakos Liquors on Market Street, which was later subjected to a dry precinct law that ended liquor sales in the area.

“They should work with me to open nice business for the neighborhood.  Liquor plus grocery store. You should work on my side,” El-Khoury said.

Councilwoman Green said she appreciates his investment, so long as a liquor store is not included in the plan.

“We want to just have other services in west Louisville and other stores beside the same-old-same-old,” Green said.

El-Khoury and Councilwoman Green have since scheduled a meeting to discuss plans for the building.

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