LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB)  – When Ballard head coach David Trager first met Jordon Adell a few years ago, he saw potential.

And uh, something else.

“He was a big boned third basemen,” said Trager.

So he was pudgy?


Safe to say things have changed. Adell is now 6-3 and 200 pounds and that potential Trager saw is now being realized by all who watch him

“Every time I come to the field, I want to be the most consistent performer I can be,” said Adell

His skills as a hitter, outfielder, and pitcher have grown in the two years since he committed to the Cardinals.

His fastball reaches 95 miles per hour and he gets on base in more than half of his at bats.

“There are so many things he is able to do,” said Trager.  “The other day, he ran a ball down in center field. It was a difficult play he made easy. “

As a junior, the 17 year old realizes there could be professional interest coming his way but as of now he still has his sights set on being a Cardinal.

“I said why would I go over the country if this is where I want to go?” said Adell. “Right now, I’m set on Louisville.”

Cardinal fans better learn to spell his name correctly. It’s not Jordan. It’s J-O-R-D-O-N

“My dad’s name is Gordon,” explains Adell. "They spell it with an o-n. He slapped me with an o-n which makes me unique." 

A unique player that’s looking to make his own unique impact on the sport he loves.

“There are so many opportunities in baseball.  I feel like the game is always looking for athletes to make a change.”

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