LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Bardstown Councilman Bill Buckman had a fiery response to Councilwoman Kecia Copeland during Tuesday night's city council meeting.

Copeland asked to be reimbursed for a leadership meeting hosted by the Kentucky Black Caucus.

"I refuse to support the Kentucky Black Caucus. They're a racist, biased group," Buckman said.

"Their by-laws state it's only for black politicians. A white politician cannot join their organization. It's not an accepting organization," he added.

Copeland told WDRB that Buckman did not understand what he was reading during the meeting.

"When you're reading a membership page, read it right and say it's a membership page and not by-laws," she said.

The Kentucky Black Caucus is part of the Kentucky League of Cities, something Copeland says proves Buckman has his facts wrong.

"I really do not believe - and no one in the state of Kentucky would believe - that the Kentucky League of Cities would be affiliated with a racist group. That would not happen," she said.

Buckman said if Copeland wants to join the organization he's okay with it -- just don't ask for taxpayers to foot the bill.

"You can use that organization, and it's to better the black politicians and that's okay. But I'm not going to use the taxpayers' money to support it," Buckman said in the meeting.

WDRB reached out to Buckman for comment or explanation about his remarks during Tuesday night's city council meeting. 

His response -- "no comment." 

In the end - despite Buckman's objections - the council approved Copeland's request for reimbursement. 

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