BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -  It's a change in who is fighting crime on the streets of Bardstown.

New people will be taking leadership roles with the police department and others are retiring.  

"The restructuring is at the mayor's discretion and that's administrative and set by law," said Bardstown Mayor John Royalty, who's spearheaded the change. 

Royalty says he wants the department to focus more on enforcing city ordinances and fighting the drug problem.

Among those he's promoting is Detective McKenzie Mattingly, who used to be a Louisville police officer. 

Mattingly was acquitted of murder after shooting and killing a man in 2004 during an undercover drug buy. 

He later joined the Bardstown Police Department and will become the assistant chief.

Royalty says Brad Gillock will rise to Lieutenant. 

We're told department veterans Assistant Chief Ray Lewis and Captain Tom Roby will retire. 

The mayor admits he did not talk to Chief Rick McCubbin before making all the changes.  

"He was upset with the way that it was done and rightfully so," Royalty told WDRB News. "I would have been upset." 

McCubbin declined to comment but Councilwoman Kecia Copeland says most city officials were blindsided by the mayor's plan. 

"He ran on the basis of transparency. That's not being transparent. Not at all," she said. 

She says she tried to ask about it at this week's city council meeting but was shut down. Copeland says she has concerns about the plan. 

"We have a chief of police. Let him do his job. Let him bring to town who deserves to be here," she explained. 

Royalty says he wants to keep McCubbin as the city's chief but Copeland says she thinks this sudden restructuring could put that in jeopardy.  

"I'm concerned that within six months he may be gone," she said about McCubbin. "That is my concern. And that should be his concern." 

We're told the department changes will go into effect later this month. 

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