LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --  University of Louisville Board of Trustees Chairman Larry Benz said Thursday he has not changed his position of "no-confidence" in university President James Ramsey and that he would not stand in the way of the board taking a no-confidence vote.

Benz clarified his views following the publication of a story by the Chronicle of Higher Education about the controversy surrounding Ramsey.

The Chronicle story quotes Benz as saying he “doesn’t support” a “move” to have a no-confidence vote:

It’s not clear if the questions about Mr. Ramsey, whose contract extends to 2020, will be enough to spur a no-confidence vote by a majority of the board members. Mr. Benz doesn’t support that move, though he is also not opposed to Mr. Ramsey's resigning on his own: "Dr. Ramsey has to drive his own decision," he said.

Asked to elaborate, Benz told WDRB that it’s his “sincere hope” that the situation be resolved without the board voting on its confidence in Ramsey or to terminate him.

“What (the Chronicle reporter) was reporting on was the general direction of terminating a president through a vote of no-confidence,” Benz said. “In a perfect world, he (Ramsey) would come to his own conclusion. We shouldn’t have to take a vote of no-confidence.”

Benz stopped short of calling on Ramsey to resign, saying that decision should be left to Ramsey.

Benz added that his role as chairman is to “effectuate the conversation” of the board and that he does not have the power to prevent a vote on Ramsey’s leadership.

“If that is a vote or a conversation the board wants to have, far be it for me to restrain it,” he said.

Trustee Jody Prather, an Elizabethtown physician, asked for the vote of no-confidence in Ramsey at the board's last meeting March 1, but the university's lawyer said the move was out of order.

The board's next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20, but it will likely be delayed if Gov. Matt Bevin does not fill two open seats by then.

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