LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 13-year-old Louisville girl’s simple act of kindness is touching hearts across the country.

The teen who gave a young boy a new pair of shoes to stop him from being bullied met his mother Thursday for the first time.

"Hi honey, how are you?" Amanda Gardner said hugging tightly to 13-year-old Shaylynn Hampton outside Lassiter Middle School.

Gardner said she wasn't quite sure how her son got new shoes. She knew they were nice and they were needed.

"It's not something my family can always afford," Gardner said.

She was wearing sandals on her own feet with differing socks.

"He had been wearing my Nikes that I had, and they were about eight years old," explained Gardner.

Hampton met Richard Burrell Sunday when he came to play basketball outside her home. The other kids were less than kind as the 11-year-old came to play with holes in his shoes.

Burrell said the teasing made him sad.

"They said my shoes look raggedy and I shouldn't be playing with them," Burrell said.

Hampton, an avid sneaker collector, went into her home and returned with a new $200 pair of Nike LeBron James basketball shoes for the young boy.

"My attitude just completely changed," Burrell said.

"I cried for hours and I couldn't stop because I couldn't believe that a 13-year-old actually stopped someone for bullying my child," Gardner said.

Hampton’s mother posted video of the gift on Facebook and the story went viral. It aired on national media outlets like Headline News.

"I got people in California, one in Australia, the council woman in our area reached out to us, Fox News affiliates, Ellen (DeGeneres)," said Jackie Workman, Hampton's mother.

The gift even inspired one of Hampton's classmates. After seeing the story online, Lassiter Middle School 8th grader Makayla Lewis gave Hampton a new basketball net to replace the tattered one at her home.

"I didn't think it would turn out to be such a big deal," Hampton said. "I was just trying to be nice."

"I tell her everyday thank you, you are his angel," Gardner said.

Hampton started a Facebook group called "Shoes For The Community!" She's collecting gently used or new shoes with plans to give to needy kids at schools or homeless shelters.

"There's a lot more that needs to be done in the world," Hampton said.

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