LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A 24-year-old male ape named "Cha Cha" escaped Thursday from a zoo in Japan.

The massive monkey was on the loose for about two hours before trading treetops for power lines.

The chimp perched itself on top of a utility pole before actually dangling from the lines carrying some powerful electricity.

He was eventually shot with a sedative, but Cha Cha wasn't having it.

He tried to pull the dart out of his back!

As the medicine took effect, the chimp started to lose his grip and slipped.

Rescuers tried to catch him using sheets made of plastic, which Cha Cha mostly missed.

Cha Cha wasn't hurt, and is now doing just fine.

Zookeepers are still trying to figure out how the chimp escaped.

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