LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- A Taylor County man has been accused of trying to run over a police officer.

Campbellsville Police say Friday night they tried to serve a warrant on William Tompkins.

They say Tompkins, 24, jumped in a car and drove off nearly hitting an officer.

Tompkins' wife tells WDRB the suspect was in this car.

She said she and her three young kids were taken along for the ride as she yelled for Tompkins to pull over.

She claims officers fired shots at them.

"I know if I heard them say 'Campbellsville Police,' they heard me screaming, 'don't run with my kids in the car.' They had to have. That was the officer's excuse because my husband definitely didn't have a gun," she said. "That was his excuse for firing in the vehicle, because he felt threatened, thought that my husband was going to run him over."

Campbellsville Police say shots were fired and no one was hurt.

However, Tompkins' wife said she and her kids were cut by glass from the car and they were treated at a hospital. 

Tompkins is charged with attempted murder.

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