LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two teens were arrested after officials say they assaulted school employees.

Kiana Kilgore, 18, and Corey Jones, 18, were arrested Monday at PRP High School by Jefferson County School Security.

An officer went to PRP High School on a call about a fight that had broken out on the second floor.

The arrest report states that an officer had met with the school's assistant principal, who said he was trying to break up the fight. While trying to break up the fight, Kilgore allegedly "knocked him down and hit him with a closed fist multiple times on the back, shoulders, and legs." Officials say a witness stated she saw the incident take place.

Authorities also say Jones allegedly hit a teacher, who was trying to break up the fight. Officials say the teacher suffered minor injuries.

Kilgore and Jones are charged with assault.   

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