LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Jim Brewster has lived in Louisville about a year, and decided to take a nice stroll along the Waterfront Wednesday, to scope out a spot for his first Thunder Over Louisville.

The food vendors are setting up, you will see signs for corn dogs, brats, Philly cheese steaks, cold drinks and as Brewster noticed, "Coney dogs and a lot of beer!" he laughed.

Brewster is learning the carnival food is part of the Thunder experience. He decided to come this year because of all the good things he has heard. "The enthusiasm from everybody, they've told me it's a heck of a party and a good time, great fireworks, sounds good to me," said  Brewster.
It is a huge party in Kentuckiana, with more than half a million people expected to attend. With the spectacular forecast, crowds are expected on the waterfront and on the water.

"With the weather being as good as it's going to be and the river levels being lower than we've seen historically over the past several years, we're anticipating there being a lot more boats on the water," said Chief Nick Narruhn with the U.S. Coast Guard. "So we're asking boaters to be aware of other boaters around their areas be aware of navigation lights at night."

Between police and the Coast Guard, there will be more than 25 boats on the water Saturday. All agencies will be enforcing alcohol regulations. "Boating and alcohol do not mix. Make sure if you have alcohol on your boat that you're consuming it responsibly, in the state of Kentucky it is actually illegal to have open containers on your boat." 

It may seem like an odd request, but the Coast Guard is telling people not to jump into the Ohio River. "The water temps are still pretty low at this time. We're looking at about 58 degrees in the river. And that's still pretty cold. So it might be shocking to a person that's thinking the weather's really nice outside and then they jump in the water and its a lot colder."

Also, the Coast Guard wants boaters to make sure they have life jackets and navigation lights are ready for nighttime boating.

A side note for aircraft lovers, The Coast Guard will have some representation in the air show. In honor of the 100th anniversary of coast guard aviation, a helicopter and fixed wing aircraft will fly in the Thunder Air Show.

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