LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It smells like Thunder on the Second Street Bridge, as the fireworks are being set up.

We're just two days away from Thunder Over Louisville and things are getting really busy. The Second Street Bridge closed Thursday morning so crews could start setting up for Saturday's show.

By noon, crews were laying down brackets and racks for the fireworks. Tubes with foil covering them could be seen on the bridge -- they already have fireworks inside, are were wired up and ready to go.

Tubes without covering will have fireworks placed inside later today and tomorrow.

Zambelli Fireworks provides the fireworks for the show. Vice President Michael Richards was on the bridge coordinating the setup.

"Well, the Zambelli crew is up here among the raindrops preparing for Saturday night's fireworks show," Richards said. "We're putting out our fireworks tubes and devices and trying to get everything prepared for Saturday night. Hopefully the rain will not hinder the setup operations, but if it tends to rain, we'll deal with it I guess." 

In the command center on the 24th floor of the Galt House, crews performed a check of the sound system, testing the audio levels and connection. They say the playlist, courtesy of the Louisville Orchestra, is set and ready to go -- and they are excited for people to hear it for the first time.

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