This Saturday, the Kentucky Derby Festival presents one of the biggest civic celebrations in the nation, Thunder Over Louisville. And those of you who can't make it to the waterfront in person will still be able to watch every second of the air show and fireworks here on WDRB.

This will be our fourth time televising this massive program. For us, this isn't just another TV show. Exhaustive planning and research has been going on since last year.  

I'm confident that this will be the single largest, most complex live television event ever produced by any local TV station in the history of American television. There may be some hyperbole in there somewhere, but here are a few fun facts to back it up:  

We will cover a geographic area of more than 327 acres. We'll utilize 28 high-definition cameras at the end of 3.9 miles of fiber optic cable that had to be strung. There are 150 credentialed crewmembers producing 14-and-a-half hours of live coverage. We like to bring you something you've never seen before when we cover Thunder, and this year, WDRB is the first television station the FAA has ever authorized to use a drone to cover an airshow.  

So even if you CAN be there in person, we invite you to DVR it, and we'll bring you Thunder as you've never seen it before. 

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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