PIKETON, Ohio (AP) --   Law enforcement officials said they've met with relatives of eight family members found shot Friday morning at homes in rural Ohio.

Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader said the meeting took place at a church and that death notifications are being made to other family members of the victims.

Reader and state Attorney General Mike DeWine briefed reporters Friday night in Piketon. The town of some 2,100 people is about 70 miles south of Columbus.

Seven adults and a 16-year-old were killed. They all are members of the Rhoden family. 

Sheriff Reader told reporters the community is small, and he knew of the Rhoden family but did not elaborate. 

DeWine said, for now, there's no specific threat to the community -- saying that this family was specifically targeted. 

Investigators said some of the members of the Rhoden family were shot while they were sleeping in "execution-style" killings. 

Each victim was shot in the head. A 4-day-old baby and two other small children are the only survivors. 

The newborn's mother had been shot on a bed next to the tiny infant. 

Reader said more than 30 people have been interviewed as part of the investigation.

But it's still unknown how many killers may have been involved. 

If you have any information that may help investigators, you're asked to call police. 

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