Pilot Lee Leet of Louisville owns and flies this beautiful Short Tucano T Mk1. The plane is based at Bowman Field.

The Short Tucano is a two-seat turboprop basic trainer used by the Royal Air Force. 

The first Short Tucano flew in 1986. The aircraft handles like a jet and is fully aerobatic. It’s an excellent workhorse for training jet pilots in all aspects of military flying. It’s used to develop students in a full range of skills, including general aircraft handling, formation flying and low-level navigation.

Leet’s aircraft was the second of ten aircraft built in 1987 by Embraer in Ireland at the Short Brothers’ factory. Eventually, 130 aircraft would be delivered to the Royal Air Force.  Leet’s aircraft was used for early fight testing and was later used as a demonstration aircraft. It was taken out of service in 2002. In 2007, 22 Tuscanos were sold at auction as a single lot by the British Ministry of Defense. 

Max Speed: 345 mph
Horsepower: 1,150
Wing Span: 37’0”
Length: 32’ 4”