Billy Werth is a stunt pilot based in Hendricks County, Indiana.  He flies a Christen Eagle—a small, two-passenger biplane designed for aerobatics—in about a dozen air shows a year.  Werth has been a commercial pilot with Chautauqua Airlines and is a major in the Air Force Reserves at Grissom Air Reserve Base.

As a member of the Ready Reserves, which can deploy at a moment’s notice, Werth has specialized in flying the KC-135 Stratotanker which refuels other planes during flight.

Werth will take passengers on roller-coaster-like airplane rides.  The cost of the ride depends how many tricks are performed.  Worth also trains pilots in acrobatics. His philosophy is that doing acrobatics in planes isn’t just a fun trick to learn, it’s also necessary. If a plane gets off track, it’s important to know how to make the necessary corrections.

In 2014, after flying an airshow in Maine, Werth’s plane suffered some kind of mechanical malfunction on the way to an airport to refuel. He landed it along a busy highway, missing cars, and Werth walked away from the landing with only minor injuries.