BORDEN, Ind. (WDRB) -- Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz, Monday, brought his campaign to Huber's Orchard and Winery in Borden ahead of next week's Indiana primary.

Cruz came to Southern Indiana with a new plan to stop front runner Donald Trump and ensure a contested GOP convention.

It's a rare stop in this part of Indiana for a major presidential candidate; an indication of just how important the state, and its 57 winner-take-all delegates, have become in the GOP war for the White House.

“You know one of my favorite movies is Hoosiers,” said Cruz as he played to a crowd of several hundred.

The rally comes as Cruz and third place contender John Kasich agree to work together to try and stop Trump from wrapping up the nomination.

Kasich is standing aside in Indiana, while Cruz clears the way for Kasich in Oregon and New Mexico.

“It is big news today that John Kasich has decided to get out of Indiana, to give us a head-to-head contest with Donald Trump. That is good for the men and women of Indiana. It's good for the country to have a clear and direct choice,” Cruz told reporters during a news conference before the rally.

Cruz would not answer directly when WDRB asked him if he offered Kasich a deal.

“We had conversations, and both campaigns agreed to focus our energies. We're focusing our energy on the state of Indiana, Gov. Kasich is focusing his energy elsewhere,” said Cruz.

As expected, Trump reacted strongly.

“So, they colluded and, actually, I was happy, because it shows how weak they are. It shows how pathetic they are,” said Trump during a rally in Rhode Island.

But Cruz supporters say they're not concerned about a possible backlash from voters.

“There might be a little anger there, ‘Oh, dirty dealings.’ But I think it helps him to have like one-on-one,” said Chris Haynes.

“I'm just hoping that this will give our country a chance to have someone who does have religious liberty and will keep the Constitution,” said Belinda Miller.

Cruz dismisses Trumps complaints.

“I don't doubt that Donald Trump is going to scream and yell, and curse and insult, and probably cry and whine some as well. That has been Donald's pattern,” he said.

From Borden Cruz was scheduled to appear in Columbus and Franklin, Indiana. The candidate is investing a lot of time in what has become a critical state.

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