LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Police say they are now conducting a homicide after the body of a woman was found near the corner of Clay and E. Ormsby Streets Tuesday morning.

The victim's body was found dead on the side of a home there.

"I said I went from purgatory to straight hell, because this is hell," said neighbor Belinda Cortorreal.

Cortorreal said she moved to Shelby Park to get away from drugs and violence but believes it found her on Tuesday.

"All this stuff going on up and down ... these streets, it is just absolutely insane and crazy."

"She's outside between the houses," said Major Lavita Chavous, with LMPD Homicide.

It started as a death investigation with what police call "suspicious circumstances."

"We're waiting on the coroner to respond and at that point, we'll try to have a determination of the cause of death and  go from there," Major Chavous said.

Once the coroner arrived on the scene, police determined it was a homicide investigation and started going door-to-door looking for answers.

"Right now, like I said, we are following up on any leads, and we are going to be talking to the public," Chavous said.

Neighbors believe there are more answers at the home where the victim's body was found.

"I am scared to go by that house, because there's people coming out of there screaming and yelling and just all kinds of stuff going on," Cortorreal said.

Long-time neighbors like Robert Varner do want to know what's going on and what happened.

"Yes, we concerned about it," he said. "We all concerned. I am sad that it happened. You know, we really sad that it happened."

The coroner has not released the cause of death or the victim's name.

If you have any information about the case, you can call the police department's anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD.

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