LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Bardstown Police Department is warning residents to look out for funny money.

The police department posted on its Facebook page Wednesday, saying it has issued a scam alert for fake money.

The counterfeit cash is being used at stores, for craigslist purchases and for other purchases.

Police say these bills look real at first glance, but they are actually movie props.

If you look closely at the bill, you'll see that it says, "for motion picture use only," on the front and the back of the bill.

The Bardstown Police Department says it's gotten reports of $50 and $100 bills being used.

The department notes that it's not illegal to have prop money, but it is against the law to use it as legal tender.

Police are urging residents to check money before they accept it as payment to make sure the cash is real.

If you receive any bogus bills, you're encouraged to contact the Bardstown Police Department with any information about the person who is passing them along.

You can reach the police department at 502-348-6811.

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