LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Meeting freshman year at Northern Kentucky University, they called themselves the “Three Amigos”—Gabriel Kirk, Erin Donohue, and Amelia Forsting.

“We took care of each other like we were each other’s family,” said Donohue. “The only time we’d ever been sad around each other was if something happened to all three of us.”

“We would go eat together, and we would stay up and watch movies together,” said Kirk. “I felt like my heart was completely whole. I had everything that I’ve ever wanted.”

In late 2014, Amelia left NKU and she moved to Texas with her future husband, who was in the Army.

“I was so upset. I cried for a really long time, because I didn’t want to lose her,” Donohue recalled.

“We both sat in her dorm, on Amelia’s bed, and bawled our eyes out,” Kirk remembered.

Amelia eventually moved back to Kentucky in late 2015, settling in Louisville where much of her family lived. By that point, she was married and pregnant.

Friends say Amelia planned to return to NKU.

“She wanted to finish school so bad, and we were talking about being in the same major and graduating at the same time, like we always wanted to,” said Donohue.

On Sunday afternoon, LMPD was called to Amelia's house in the St. Regis Park neighborhood.

According to police, Amelia’s husband, Damien Lacambra called 911, saying he accidentally fired his gun, shooting and killing his 21-year-old wife. The couple’s one-month-old son was in the house, at the time.

Damien Lacambra was charged with Amelia's murder.

On Wednesday night, Amelia’s sorority, AOPi held a memorial service on the NKU campus, allowing fellow students to mourn, while celebrating the life of the woman described by friends as funny, loving, and giving.

"We loved her so much. We wanted the best for her,” said Donohue. “I just want people to remember her as the happy girl that everyone here knew.”

“We can say all day long that she was loved, and everything of that nature, but if you walk on this campus today, you can see it,” Kirk said. “I would not trade any of my college years with her for any other experience."

“She taught us so many valuable lessons,” said Donohue. “She taught us to forgive everybody that ever wronged us. And that’s all she wanted was for everybody to be happy, and for everybody to love each other.”

Amelia’s funeral will be noon on Friday. It will be held at Our Lady Of Lourdes on Breckenridge Lane in Louisville.

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