LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- They danced for dollars, but claim they went home with almost nothing.

Now former adult entertainers at a Louisville strip club are demanding to be given what belongs to them.

For years, entertainers at The Godfather say they have not been paid money that's rightfully theirs. A lawsuit has since been filed by Gloria Tassy v. Lindsay Entertainment Enterprises, which runs the Louisville adult night club. Four women have joined the initial plaintiff in her lawsuit. All of them claim the defendant never paid any of its entertainers a direct wage.

Two of the women in the lawsuit, who wish to remain anonymous, shared their story with WDRB. 

“It's like a never-ending circle of I'm taking your money, but you're still going to do this for me,” one woman said.

Each woman is seeking to be paid what they've earned, from a $1,000 to a few thousand dollars.

“Just treat us fairly,” she said.

The women said at the end of the night, their boss would get 30-50 percent of the money they made from dances and take even more out if a credit card was used by the customer. What's left over is supposed to be their money, but they haven't seen any of it.

“You stay because you're like, OK, I'm owed this much money, so maybe tonight I'll get that money tonight so I can pay the bills,” the other woman said.

When confronting Godfather management about their checks, the women say they've been given a range of excuses from forgetting the key to the safe, to just avoiding the topic.

The women say it's a big misconception that entertainers make a good living in this industry.

“It's like a lottery. You play it hoping you're going to be the winner of that million dollar ticket, but the only thing you end up being is getting taken advantage of,” she said.

While they may be lacking what's owed to them, they are not lacking in determination.

“I feel we will get the money. And we're going to continue until we do, because they underestimated us. Not all ladies will go away. We're strong women, we're educated, and we want what they owe us,” one of the women said.

Our calls to The Godfather went unanswered.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit say they expect more women to join in.

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