LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Hardin County Sheriff's Office has arrested a suspect accused of forcing a man to strip naked, and robbing him at gunpoint.

According to an arrest warrant, it happened on April 24, in Hardin County, Kentucky.

Elizabethtown Police say 22-year-old Oscar Burgos and an accomplice broke into a man's apartment on Barnwood Lane, near the intersection of Pear Orchard Estates Drive and Pear Orchard Road. While there, Burgos allegedly pointed a black handgun at the man, demanding information on another person's whereabouts. The man told them where the other person was, "because he was scared for his life," according to police.

Burgos and his accomplice left, but returned a short time later with the victim. Police say Burgos demanded to see a gun that belonged to the victim -- and the victim complied, but only because Burgos said he would allow the victim to hold Burgos' gun while he examined the victim's.

But according to the arrest warrant, Burgos took the victim's gun away and his accomplice hit the victim in the face.

Police say Burgos and his accomplice then assaulted the victim, stripping him down to his boxer shorts and taking his belongings.At one point, Burgos' accomplice allegedly put the gun in the victim's mouth, while Burgos ordered him to strip naked at gunpoint.

When the victim pushed the gun out of his face, the gun went off. Police say they bullet went through two walls, then hit another man in the buttocks.

Burgos and his accomplice then ran away, according to police -- but they returned a short time later, kicking down the door because they forgot their car keys. 

But police say the victim -- the man who had been robbed -- had other ideas. According to the arrest warrant, he took the car key and ran outside.

"Once outside, he dropped the car key and began acting like he had been shot to get [the] attention of the other people outside so that they would call 911," police say.

Burgos allegedly tried to force the victim into his vehicle, but let him go when he realized witnesses were indeed calling 911.

Burgos and his accomplice then drove away in Burgos' vehicle.

A warrant was issued for Burgos' arrest on Wednesday, April 27. He was arrested earlier today, and charged with attempted murder, first degree robbery, first degree burglary and first degree assault.

He is currently being held in the Hardin County Detention Center.

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