By Dave Adkisson
Attorney, Frost Brown Todd

I’m Liam Felsen, an attorney with Frost Brown Todd and member of the Fund for the Arts’ NeXt program.  I am also a former English professor at IUS, and proud father of five children in Louisville. 

The arts and cultural sector is at the forefront of enhancing Louisville’s reputation, economic growth, tourism, and quality of life. Last year, Louisville was named “One of America’s Best Music Scenes” by Time Magazine; “Best Places to Travel” by Travel & Leisure; and the #2 “Best Local Food Scene” by USA Today. 

To keep this going, Greater Louisville must work cooperatively to define a vision for the arts that fully utilizes our city’s talents and traditions, elevates our standing as a national destination, creates a magnet for new jobs and residents, and enriches the lives of those already in our community.

To help achieve these goals, the community is working to build a comprehensive Greater Louisville Arts Master Plan that will provide our area with a renewed sense of purpose in the promotion of the arts.  The focus of the plan will be to keep artists, entrepreneurs, educators, and the entire community working collaboratively to help spur new business in our rapidly growing neighborhoods and to increase educational access for our children.

Public input is critical to the success of the Plan.  So, we invite you to take a brief, anonymous survey to share your thoughts and ideas for Louisville’s arts and cultural future.  Please visit to take the survey and to read more about the Greater Louisville Arts Master Plan.

I’m Liam Felsen and that’s my Point of View.