LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Dozens of Jefferson County Public Schools have scheduled "walk-ins" this week to protest district recommendations that would loosen the district's code of conduct and freeze salaries.

At least three schools have scheduled their walk-ins for Monday.

Teachers, staff members and other supporters will meet outside the their buildings up to an hour before classes begin and walk in together. They are asking community members to join them.

"This show of support is meant to emphasize that the staff and parents are concerned about the proposed changes to the Code of Conduct and its possible influence on instruction," says one of the organizers of Crosby Middle School's walk-in, which is scheduled for 6:45 a.m. on Monday. "The other concern is the proposed changes to salaries of all JCPS staff."

Organizers note: "No students will be left in the building unsupervised. Teachers who have early morning duty will, with the administrative staff, be doing the normal supervision of those who eat breakfast and those who arrive prior to the first bell. No teacher will begin the work day late either. 7:15 will be plenty of time for staff to begin the instructional day."

"We would love to be surrounded by the parents, alumni and community members who support us and believe school employees deserve fair pay," reads a Facebook post about Fern Creek High School's walk-in at 7am Wednesday.

The walk-ins were discussed during last week's emergency meeting of the Jefferson County Teachers Association's organizing committee, but officials with three of the other unions who represent the district's employees tell WDRB News they will participate.

"We are professionals," said Tammy Berlin, vice-president of JCTA. "We love our schools, we love our students. We are choosing to walk in instead of walk out."

In addition, the unions are urging all of their employees to wear red Monday to show their support for education. JCTA has been encouraging the use of the social media hashtag #WearRed4Ed

Aside from the walk-ins and encouraging employees to wear red Monday, union representatives tell WDRB they are encouraging all of their members to attend the JCPS school board meeting on May 10.


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