LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Video of a fight inside Valley High School shows what led to two students being arrested.

The video, recorded by a student, shows punches being thrown and kids running.

"The fight did involve several students, there were two students arrested,” said Allison Martin, spokesperson for JCPS.

One of those students is 18-year-old Shermaine Pendleton.

Police also arrested another student, and that's not all.

"There were also students who received discipline according to the Jefferson County Public Schools code of conduct,” Martin said.

But with the district considering easing student discipline policies, one JCPS parent is worried it will send kids the wrong message.

"Teachers better watch out,” the parent said.  “Kids can do what they want, because they're not going to get punished for what they do.”

And this isn't the first time a fight has been captured by students

"I don't think the school system is doing enough to step up and help keep from bullying,” the parent said.

In this most recent incident at Valley High School, witnesses said two girls started the fight that spilled over.

Martin said parents of students who attend Valley don’t need to be worried.

"I think this was just a situation where something unfortunate happened over the weekend that manifested at the school,” she said.

JCPS officials said staff did everything right in controlling the situation.

Due to privacy issues, the district won't comment on how the students were disciplined.

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