LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Jefferson County Public Schools is preparing to cut an unspecified number of central office jobs to save $2.4 million in the budget year that starts July 1.

The cuts will include layoffs and the elimination of unfilled positions, said Tom Hudson, JCPS’ chief business officer.

The cuts, which have not yet been approved by the Jefferson County Board of Education, are part of a planned $2.9 million reduction in central office spending that district officials disclosed in a presentation for the board’s April 26 meeting.

Hudson said everything from salaries to supplies to flexible funds – “all of the above” – will be trimmed from the district’s central office.

Hudson said employees whose jobs will be eliminated will be notified in the next week. He could not say how many positions are involved.

The remaining $597,200 in central office cuts will come from a reduction in the central office general fund budget, Hudson said.

According to contractual agreements, JCPS has until May 15 to let teachers and other employees know their job status for the upcoming year, and the school board is expected to vote on the personnel changes at its May 10 board meeting.

It's possible the employees could be notified as early as Wednesday because that is when the board's agenda and materials are distributed to school board members.

As WDRB has previously reported, JCPS is also looking to freeze the salaries of some employees. Both moves have been in the works -- district officials say the central office reductions are not a reaction to freeze the salaries of some employees and boost the salaries of others.

The salary freeze recommendations -- which stem from the long-awaited comprehensive salary study released last week -- include no “step” or cost of living increase in 2016-17 for all employees earning more than $14 an hour. That includes all of the district’s roughly 6,000 teachers.

In addition to central office layoffs, the district is also working on identifying how many teachers and other employees will receive layoff and overstaffing notices within the next week.

Officials say they are still working to "finalize that list," but noted the layoff and overstaffing notices for teachers will be no different this year than other years.

The main reason why teachers are overstaffed is because their positions were funded by grants or other funds that are no longer be available. As soon as the necessary funding is re-secured or found elsewhere, those employees are typically recalled.

The Jefferson County Board of Education has to approve a tentative budget for 2016-17 by the end of the month.


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