LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – In the past year and-a-half the number of homicides in Louisville have sky rocketed.

Since January 1, 2016 there have been 38 homicides in just five months. At the same time a few years ago, that number was in the single digits.

Now one community member is trying to turn that trend around with the "All Souls Matter" movement.

“When you walk out on these streets you're putting your life on the line. I mean that,” said Louisville resident David Brewer.

Living in the Portland Neighborhood most of his life, Brewer has been a victim of Louisville's violence.

"I got accosted by four guys who tried to rob me. It put the fear of God in me. It scared me more than it ever scared me in my life,” he said.

Brewer’s son has also been shot twice.

Along with more violence come more homicides. Since the first of the year there have been 38 homicides. At this time last year there were 22 and the year before that in 2014, there were only seven.

“Just a life been taken for nonsense, my heart aches,” said Thomas Chandler with the Midwest division of "All Souls Matter".

Chandler knows it’s a dark time, not just in Louisville, but across the country, which is why he's been promoting the "All Souls Matter" movement.

“With all the negativity that's going on in our community, in our streets, we need something positive,” he said.

His friend started it in Cincinnati, Ohio and he saw the need for it in his own community. Since spreading the message on social media three months ago, his Facebook page has been blowing up with people asking to buy the "All Souls Matter" t-shirts.

“We get so caught up in these boxes that keep us separated. It's not a black or white issue, it's not a police issue, it's a soul issue,” Chandler said.

While the violence has recently grown exponentially, Chandler hopes his message will resonate with people to have a more peaceful end to 2016.

“If everyone had the love of God, then we wouldn't have what's going on in these streets right now,” Chandler said.

If you would like to get involved with the “All Souls Matter” movement or to get a t-shirt, click here.

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