If you're one of the many thousands visiting our city this week for the 142nd Kentucky Derby, welcome! But you may be wondering about this stylish jacket I'm wearing.

Well, it's emblematic of the party that surrounds the race each year known as the Kentucky Derby Festival, a two-week celebration of air shows, parades, steamboats races, balloon races and more, that always showcases the best there is to see and do in this region this time of year.

But aside from Festival events, we're also proud of many other great Louisville attractions, and while you're here, we hope you'll experience as many of them as possible.

Of course, there's our highly-regarded dining scene, which features many of the world's top restaurants and chefs. But within an hour's drive of the city are several fascinating bourbon distilleries that are such an essential part of the character of this area. 

Downtown's many museums and galleries cover interests ranging from baseball to blown glass to boxing. And art lovers always enjoy a visit to the dynamic, newly reopened Speed Museum on the University of Louisville campus.  

So regardless of which horse you pick, we think you're already a winner for choosing to come share our city. Unlike the Super Bowl, the Derby is right here every year, so if you miss anything this time around, well, there's always 2017.

But next time, show up early.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.