LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Months after losing their bass player in a tragic accident, the Velcro Pygmies are back in Louisville playing at the Chow Wagon.

The band says Thursday’s show is a testament to Jacob Sanders' life and if anything good has come from this loss, it’s to tell those you care about how much you love them.

“When Jacob left us, he left on top. And that is so inspirational. He left doing exactly what he loved doing and he was at a point in his life where he was the happiest he had ever been,” Velcro Pygmies lead singer Cam Flener told WDRB News.

Just like the ups and down in a rock song, the Velcro Pygmies’ spirits are slowly lifting after losing one of their own two months ago.

“Every show has been strange because there are experiences that remind you of him,” Flener said.

The Velcro Pygmies started in Louisville in the 90's. Jacob Sanders was recently the youngest and newest member of the group. The band said being back in Louisville for the first time without him is bittersweet.

“Jacob touched a lot of lives. There will be a lot of people there who will be missing him,” Flener said.

The Chow Wagon has been one of the band's favorite places to perform.

“This band was Jacob's soul. It really was. This is what he was. It's not what he did, it's what he was. And so for us to in any way stop, would be the most disrespectful thing we could do to his memory,” Flener said.

Band members say they've been amazed by the outpouring of support from their fans since the accident.

Jacob and his brother Jeremiah died while on a fishing trip on the Tennessee River. Their boat capsized and their bodies were found a few days later.

From now on, the band wants its fans to remember tomorrow is not a promise.

“Don't miss an opportunity to tell the ones you love that you care about them. Show some love to somebody and just celebrate life,” Flener said.

The Velcro Pygmies also have another performance this weekend. On Friday they’ll be at Diamonds Music Hall on Baxter Avenue.

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