LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)--Behind the Kentucky Derby Museum, a large crowd is gathering. They're taking pictures and awing at something they don't get to see that often. 

"When you see people walk up to stables and see him, and hear their reaction -- it's priceless. It never gets old," said Lindsay English with the Kentucky Derby Museum.

The big commotion is all about a little horse named Winston.

"He looks like he would be really friendly and kind of like a cuddly little thing," said one museum goer.

Winston is the museum's "mane" man.

"He's just sort of our loveable mascot," added English.

"I thought at first it was a baby," said another spectator.

Nope. The 34-inch tall miniature horse is 23 years old, and has quite the personality.

"I think he knows his status. He does what he wants, kind of when he wants," English said.

Both back in the stable, and on the internet.

"We put him up on social media, and it goes crazy. We had him with a rose, asking 'will you accept this rose,' and of course we all did," English said with a smile. 

Sure, he's fun. 

"I think the most used word is cute," said Equine Manager Alison Knight.

But, the brown gelding has an important duty. 

"He's a good buddy to the horses we have back here. He's been out here with four horses that have actually run in the Derby."

One of them, 2009 winner, Mine that Bird.

"He knows how to be around the other horse," said Knight.

A small guy, with a huge job, that the people love. 

Who said size matters?

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