LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The sound of the bugler is the call to post, but it also summons the most creative fashion trends to Churchill Downs. 

“It's all about the Derby. We can do it for today,” one Derby fan said. 

From big hats ... to even bigger hats.

“I did it again. People from Ohio -- that’s how we are,” Sonya Matalon said.

There's no wrong way to dress under the Twin Spires.

“We come to the Derby every year and just try to make a statement,” Derby fan Matt Lowe said.

Whether it’s with a popular tulip suit in the infield or sporting your love for comic books, Lowe said he comes year after year with one intention. 

“You have to be unique, because there are so many creative people here,” Lowe said. “Every year your goal is to not duplicate your suit, and I know this isn’t a duplicate.”

If you're not bold enough to take your style to the next level, there are some impressive group ideas.

“Well, I just saw these giant flowers at a store and thought we should do a giant bouquet in our box,” Courtney Hunter said.

“A friend of ours decided to go out and buy red suits, so we started coming to the Derby every year for the last six years,” the self-proclaimed Men in Red said.

But if you wanted to join gentlemen dressed in red for the Run for the Roses, you're out of luck.

“We all have a lot of applicants, but we're very choosy with who we let into the group,” one group member said.

With feathers, bows and flowers, the ladies of Derby say their outfits take weeks of planning.

“I get started with an idea, then I put things together with wire and with feathers, then it eventually comes out different,” Ines Hernandez said.

The men of Derby, however, put in less effort.

“Not much for me,” Lowe said.

No matter how much time was put into a look, the crowd consensus is plain and simple. It comes down to one thing.

“The horses are, of course, the first reason why we're here. The second reason is the clothes and the people watching. It’s amazing,” Hunter said.

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