The first comprehensive salary review of Jefferson County Schools since 1979 found that its employees are some of the highest paid among their counterparts in Louisville’s peer systems. And JCPS is recommending changes to bring things more in line.

So far, so good. JCPS last week announced the elimination of a significant number of higher-paying jobs in the central office and a freeze on administrative salaries, saving the system millions of dollars that will be redirected toward student services. But the worry that the school board will also recommend no raises for teachers this coming year has many in a panic.

But that’s extremely premature. While the school system can unilaterally impose pay and job cuts among administrators, any changes to the teachers’ contract must be negotiated with their union. And who actually believes those discussions will end in no raises at all? The initial offer may be low relative to previous years, but that’s just smart bargaining.

So teachers, please -- calm down and see the big picture: Administrative bloat is the key problem here, and that’s already being addressed. Yes, you may be asked to do your part, but unless your union is less effective than I think it is, I wouldn’t worry about anything near a pay freeze.

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I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.