Neighbors in Hunters Hollow are still experiencing raw sewage in their yards every time it rains.

“It smells like raw eggs,” neighbor Lisa Logsdon said.

Logsdon says it's been happening for years, and when it rains, it pours. Her yard floods with sewage, and the smell is unbearable.

“I'm able to flush the toilet, but is that toilet water going into my yard?” Logsdon said.

"I have a dog and a daughter and a ditch right beside our house, so there is some concern they may get into that,” Nicholas Towles said.

The biggest worry is for the kids playing outside. Logsdon says her son hasn't felt the same since they moved in two years ago.

“Because I'll tell you what, since I've lived here, he has been sick. He's almost 13-years-old, but he has been sick so much, and he has never been sick before I lived here. I truly think this waste water that my child has been playing in, or running in the grass is making him sick," Logsdon said.

WDRB first uncovered the problems here in March of 2014 when the Hunters Hollow wastewater treatment plant collapsed. Bullitt Utilities owned it at the time, but never stepped up to fix it properly. After WDRB's investigation, Bullitt Utilities abandoned the plant and was forced into bankruptcy.  

“Where's the money that I'm paying for my sewer bill going?” Logsdon said.

Since then, the Bullitt County Sanitation District took over the site.  The director of the district says these problems may not be fixed overnight, but he promises he's working on it.

"The problems are system wide. Our sewer inspection equipment and sewer cleaning equipment will be delivered by May 31. The district is in an "Agreed Order" with the division of water with an 18-month timeline to find and outline a course of action,” director Jerry Kennedy said.

Until then, Kennedy says his crews are doing smoke tests and inspecting manholes. He says they're inspecting homes and businesses for illegal sump pump connections. If one is found, they'll correct the problem at their own expense. 

"We have already installed screens and disinfection at each of the known wet weather bypass locations as per the division of water agreed order," Kennedy said. 

If you're experiencing sewage in your yard or if you see something suspicious, the Bullitt County Sanitation District would like you to call for an inspection. The number is 502-957-6140. 

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