LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Starting on Monday, drivers in Shepherdsville will no longer be able to smoke with a child in the car.

The city council passed an ordinance last night. It says adults are not allowed to smoke in a vehicle with anyone under the age of 18 inside.

"It's just something you see all the time," said legal aide Kalynn Walls who helped write the legislation. "You would think people would know it's something that can hurt their children, but some people just don't know."

Some Shepherdsville residents don't like the new ordinance.

"Honestly I think it should be up to the parents," said Chrystal Maraman. "It should be their decision if their child is in the car with them."

Walls and attorney Joe Mills say they spent more than a year writing the law. 

"The purpose of the ordinance is not to generate fines for the city," Mills said. "The purpose is to educate people and change conduct."

Officers will not be able to pull drivers over just for smoking. Instead, it will be a secondary violation, meaning drivers will only be cited after being pulled over for another offense and it's found that smoking was being done in the car with kids.

Walls and Mills hope to expand the legislation to other areas.

"We hope to take this to other cities in Bullitt County," Mills said. "We hope to use this as a stepping stone to help protect kids in other cities."

The maximum fine is $250. 

Here is a copy of the ordinance:

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