LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A thief has been hitting homes in Norton Commons recently.

Some neighbors have had packages taken off of their front porches.

But what the thief didn't know is that he was being recorded the second he stepped on the front porch and rang the doorbell.

"So I clicked on the video footage on the ring on the app on my phone, and I see a man at the front door and he's knocking. I thought nothing of it. I just thought it was maybe a guy knocking on the door to do business or whatever. I am watching and he literally gets down, grabs the package, snatches it and sprints off and rolls away in the car," said Hilary Mudd, who lives in Norton Commons.

The video is pretty shocking and bold. Mudd and her neighbors want it shared.

She said, "I just nearly jumped out of my skin and I was mortified, startled, I had a ton of emotions going through me."

Mudd has a doorbell with a built-in motion sensor that sends an alert to her cellphone when someone is at the door or on the property. That's how she and other neighbors recorded video of the suspect in the act.

"We know of two confirmed cases and then another lady said that she saw this same car steal two other packages from two other homes," said Mudd.

The suspect took the packages, but he left strong evidence behind.

Mudd said, "We've filed a police report, we've done pretty much, at this point, as much as we can do."

And neighbors are also sharing the video on social media.

"Everyone is pretty desperate to get these people out of here and to get them caught and get them off the streets," said Mudd.

In the video, you can see the man actually smile or laugh as he grabs the box. Mudd says they'll have the last laugh when the suspect opens the package.

"We're actually kind of had a joy laugh about it last night because all it was - were amazon prime customers - and it was fountain cleaner that my dad purchased to clean out his side porch."

LMPD's 8th Division is investigating the crime. If you know who the suspect is, you can call the metro police department's anonymous tip line at 574-LMPD.

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