LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Homicide rates are up this year in Louisville, except for an area of the city typically known for violent crimes.

Officials say homicide rates are lower than usual in the Beecher Terrace neighborhood, but some say more still needs to be done.

"I lost all my friends to gun violence. Half the friends I grew up with, they died from gun violence," said Montez Jones, a resident of Beecher Terrace.

Jones says he hasn't always been on the right path, but he now has a college education. And, he says all he wants to do with his degree is, "Mentor the kids and give back to the communities."

Jones joined together with dozens of others from his neighborhood to walk, and dance, through Beecher Terrace Wednesday evening.

The goal of the walk was to raise awareness and try to put an end to gun violence in that area.

One elderly resident said, "If I can walk at 77 years old, everyone else should be running."

Many brought their children to the event as well.

"Just to let her know not to be afraid, there's a better tomorrow and an opportunity for the future," Frank Irvin, a Beecher Terrace resident, said about bringing his daughter to Wednesday's walk.

Kimberly Moore, a Case Manager, said, "There's some great, amazing, young talented people up here. They just need some direction."

Others, like Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, who don't live in the neighborhood, are trying to show support for the families there by organizing events like Wednesday's walk to end violence.

"We just want to show the community that we're out here, we're supportive of them and we're doing everthing we can to end this violence," said Maj. Andrea Brown with LMPD.

According to LMPD, homicide rates are down in the first division compared to last year, but there's still more that needs to be done. Officers say they're starting to take a different and more personal approach, including scheduling more peace walks.

"We're out in the community, we'll be doing a coffee with a cop in the morning on 28th and Broadway where we've seen a lot of our violent crime," Maj. Brown said.

Beecher Terrace residents are also encouraged to leave their porch lights on to show solidarity against gun violence and use hashtag #OurLightIsOn on social media.

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